Your website will need a “host”, which is a computer server with a very fast connection to the world wide web. Any website you visit is residing on a web server somewhere on the planet. We use a web host that is very highly rated for not only performance, but support. The web host will also handle all of your e-mail addresses on an “e-mail” server, which is dedicated to e-mail only. Using a custom e-mail address such as “” is more professional and secure than a free email address. School districts, hospitals, large corporations all use e-mail that is a reflection of their company name. Every time you send an e-mail, you are spreading the name of your company. As an employer, you would want to assign e-mail addresses to any employee that may have need to use e-mail for business. If that employee is terminated, the e-mail locks them out preventing them from any further communication with your clients. The host also makes a regular backup copy of your site in the event it needs to be restored.