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Our Cost2023-09-09T18:59:14+00:00


Here is the basic pricing structure for most services.

Website development starts at $2500 and increases based on complexity of site. A direct quote is available to you by completing our quote request form. Most requested services and pricing are listed below. Click on any category to see full description and pricing. If you have a pricing question not listed, please contact us directly.



A Domain Name can be registered for 1 – 10 years.  Cost is discounted based on length of registration and whether you choose to prepay or pay annually.  You may search for your new domain name on their site HERE

Although a .COM domain name is preferred in most cases, you site can use other extensions and still be affective.  A full list of extensions can be found on this WIKIPEDIA PAGE

If the name you desire is already registered, we can help with suggestions.

COST OF HOSTING2023-03-01T02:54:41+00:00

We use Siteground Hosting. The offer three basic packages depending on your needs. At the time this was written, cost was massively discounted. The economy has slowed new business growth and all costs. Here are what they offer now:

  • $2.99/month for first year, then $14.99 thereafter PLUS FREE DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION
  • $4.99/month for first year, then $24.99 thereafter PLUS FREE DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION
  • $7.99/month for first year, then $39.99 thereafter PLUS FREE DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION

We always suggest having the client register their own domain name, which is like a DBA. Some website designers will do that for you, then if you move from them a charge is required to transfer the name to you. We want you to be in control. The same applies to hosting. Naturally, we will walk you through the process.

COST OF WEBSITE2023-05-13T23:18:03+00:00

Website cost varies based on complexity. Number of pages, number of images, number of elements such as sliding banners, calendars, forms etc. will determine number of hours it will take us to complete your site. If you will send us an example link or explain details of what is requested, a very close estimate will be provided.

COST OF WORKING ON AN EXISTING SITE2023-09-08T18:54:43+00:00

Our sites come with full support for 6 months. If you have an existing site built by WebTeam1 and would like for us to make changes the cost will be $65/hour with a two hour minimum. Annual contract required.

HOW MUCH DO YOU REQUIRE TO START ?2023-09-08T18:41:58+00:00

We will begin your website will 1/2 of total cost which is based on agreed design and quote. Balance is due at the time of site launch.

POST-DEPLOYMENT ADDITIONS2023-03-13T19:19:08+00:00

Yes. You can always expand your site with various features such as: BLOG, CALENDAR, SLIDER, FORM, PHOTO GALLERY, PRODUCT IMAGES etc. Here are basic charges for add-on work.

  • BLOG – Install and train – $400
  • CALENDAR of EVENTS – Install and train – $600
  • SLIDER – Up to 10 images which you provide – $750 (with button links add $150)
  • FORMS – Can be additional contact form, price request form, sign up form etc. – $500
  • PHOTO GALLERIES – You provide the images, up to 21 images – $500
  • PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY – Price dependent upon size/location of product. Photography billed at $125/hour 2 hour minimum.
  • STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY – Professional images from Adobe or Getty $25/each (Image only)
  • STOCK VIDEO – Professional video clips from Adobe $150 (Video only)
NON-CONTRACT COST2023-03-31T14:49:46+00:00

If you are not on a month-to-month contract, the hourly rate is $85 with a 2 hour minimum.

WHEN IS PAYMENT DUE?2023-03-31T14:49:18+00:00

Full new website builds will outline that in the general agreement. Month-toMonth support plans my be paid in advance for 6month or 12 month plans. Non Month-to-Month plan customers will be expected to pay invoice upon completion of any upgrade or modification.

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