Once WebTeam1 completes your website, it will be Deployed.

The process of moving code from a testing server to a public host (web server) is called Deployment. It is basically putting out your project to the world so that people can use it.

Once your site has been completed, tested and approved it will be deployed. Deployment day is a happy day. After days, weeks and possibly months, the completed website will be live for anyone using the internet and world wide web can view your site from anywhere in the world.

Within a few hours of going live, your site will propagate to web servers all over the planet which ensures that whoever may be viewing your site can have fast page load times. If the site were only on one web server, users from far away would be waiting for pages to load.


At this stage the website can be advertised, pushed on social media or simply wait for users to search for whatever you may have to offer.

Search engines will begin to “crawl” your live site and traffic will increase. Your audience may now communicate with you through phone, e-mail, physical address and social media pages from the same website… with just one click.